Safer Recruitment Myth-Busting


It’s always easy to continue with practices and processes that your School or Trust is used to, but, have you ever considered that these may be incorrect?

Sometimes being misinformed and given the wrong advice is unavoidable, particularly when practices are shared across educational settings. That’s why we wanted to set the record straight about a couple of Safer Recruitment aspects - teach the right from wrong and bust those common myth-conceptions.

Myth: I’m not allowed to keep identity documentation as it’s a breach of GDPR

Incorrect – Clear copies of certain identity documents actually need to be taken and kept securely as proof of a person’s right to work. This usually includes their passport and any other documents, in full, that you have checked. Click here for advice on retaining evidence and a list of acceptable documents.

As all employers within the UK have a responsibility to prevent illegal working, simple right to work checks need to be conducted before employing someone. This is to ensure that the individual isn’t disqualified from carrying out the work, due to their immigration status.    

It’s essential that employers, including their HR employees and those with responsibility for the recruitment and employment of individuals, read An Employer’s Guide to Right to Work Checks. Anyone involved in these processes must understand their duty to carry out right to work checks correctly and ensure compliance with the law.

By following the 3-Step process within the Home Office guidance, you will also be compliant with the requirements set out in Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE).

Myth: I must have a stand-alone Barred List check, even if I have a DBS check in place

Incorrect – You only need a stand-alone Barred List check if the employee is due to start work before the DBS result has been received. If this is the case, you will also need to have undertaken a risk assessment at this stage.

If the DBS check has been received and contained a Barred List check, because the employee will be engaged in regulated activity, you don’t need a separate Barred List check. In this instance, you can accept the date of the DBS result as the date that the Barred List check was completed. Remember to use this information to update your Single Central Record accordingly.


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