Who is responsible for the Single Central Record?

Beth Alberga

February 27 2020
It is a statutory requirement for Schools and Colleges, including Academies, Free and Independent Schools, to keep a Single Central Record (also known as an SCR). In the Regulations, this is referred to as ‘The Register’. The SCR must cover the following people: all employees (including supply staff and teacher trainees on salaried routes who work at the School), any volunteer who you carry out checks for, and any agency and third party staff. For Independent Schools, this also includes members of the proprietor body and, in the case of Academies and Free Schools, members of the Academy Trust.

There is a duty in the legislation for Multi-Academy Trusts to maintain the SCR, covering all Schools within the Trust. This means that the Trust should hold a centrally maintained record of the checks that have been carried out across all Schools.

The Trust can maintain that information, either on one single document or on a separate document for each School. In practice, it is likely that the School would hold a copy of the centrally held SCR, that relates to its own employees. Therefore, where the School is responsible for carrying out the checks that must be recorded on the SCR (such as the identity check), the School can inform the Trust to ensure the centrally maintained record is updated.

Regardless of how the centrally held SCR is maintained it should allow for a particular School's information to be easily extracted so that it can be provided to an inspector or other person who is eligible to see the information and avoid disclosing details of employees who do not work at that particular School. In many Schools, the SCR is managed by a member of the business team, typically a senior manager.

Although there is no statutory guidance on this, ultimately, the Headteacher and the Chair of Governors are responsible for the correct vetting of employees.


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Combat absence management using your data

Accurately recording absences will allow you to identify trends and patterns for individuals and the school or trust as a whole – giving you the chance to explore the causes and consider plans to combat them.

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