Case Study: Why Effective Safer Recruitment Practices are so Important


Time and time again, we hear about safeguarding failures which have led to the abuse of children. That's why it’s vital that educational settings implement effective safeguarding and safer recruitment processes to address these issues and to protect the pupils in their care. Regrettably, abuse is often conducted by trusted individuals, who are usually in a position of authority, as was the case in the example against Bishop Peter Ball.

Whilst some of the failures of this particular case may be linked to historical attitudes, it’s exceptionally clear that a lack of effective safeguarding measures and individual awareness were contributing factors. As such, the most effective way to ensure that clear practices and systems are in place, to minimise the risk of abuse, is by completing Safer Recruitment training.

The Safer Recruitment Training that we provide at EPM is accredited by the ‘Lucy Faithfull Foundation’ and provides the tools that your employees need in order to equip them with a good understanding of appropriate safeguarding practices.

The Bichard enquiry into the serious case review, following the Soham murders of Holly Chapman and Jessica Wells in 2004, gave us this quote. Which, when applied to the recruitment process, enables us to understand why we do what we do.





Our training enables Schools and Multi-Academy Trusts to implement safer recruitment procedures and uphold formal recruitment processes, to help deter and prevent the appointment of unsuitable people. Through this training, employees will also feel more confident in challenging inappropriate behaviours and understand the importance of their awareness and vigilance in these matters.

Safeguarding and protecting pupils from harm is integrated into all aspects of the life and culture within Schools. Being sure that you have best practices in place and are compliant with statutory guidance through our training, also means that you are able to implement these actions immediately and create a safer environment within your educational setting.


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