How eLearning can increase your employee’s engagement

eLearning Team

March 16 2021
As said by the man himself, Henry Ford, “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.” Although we can be quite certain that Henry Ford wasn’t referring to ‘eLearning’ directly, the sheer value of employee training and development still hasn’t passed us by.

The problem from the employee’s perspective

It’s great that we continue to see so many employees in schools and trusts wishing to develop their skills and personal knowledge. And, at the same time, it’s unfortunate that most find themselves restrained from doing so because of the challenges that schools face in being able to deliver the training needed. Unfortunately, this can result in a feeling of low value for the employee, an inability to progress a career (internally or externally) due to skills gaps, a lack of confidence in performance and, at worst, a feeling of being at risk whether through safety or a lack of legal knowledge. There may be further concerns for the employee, especially when organised training takes them away from their normal work which either must be undertaken on the premise or piles up as a result. The volume of content provided during training can also lead to key messages being lost or overwhelming participants. Being able to develop a personal, accredited, portfolio of learning is an important part of any career progression and the very absence of this limits an employee’s potential.


The problem from the employer’s perspective

As you’d expect, meeting the learning needs of all employees is not without its difficulties - it can be a costly and logistical challenge for schools and trusts. When training is also delivered in person it requires an investment in time from both a provider and the staff attending, which is particularly significant if this falls outside of the normal working week or requires a cover to be brought in. Ultimately, this makes learning an expensive commodity and, typically, there are more demands to address than resource permits which end up with learning being rationed; this leads to frustration, as well as a lack of motivation, on the part of the staff who feel their personal development is being overlooked.


What is the eLearning solution?

eLearning is a fantastic tool that enables the delivery of learning to meet staff needs without having to bring them together to receive training in the traditional way. Learners are provided with the flexibility to log in to their eLearning platform and undertake the courses relevant to them, at a time, place and pace which suits their needs. Our EPM eLearning solution allows learners to view their material on the go, through any device with an internet connection and allows them to access over 100 CPD accredited and RoSPA approved courses. Each certified module delivers the core elements of a subject in digestible, bite-sized chunks, which support building the employees’ skills and abilities as well as their personal portfolio.


Benefits to the employee

Whilst receiving the learning they need, eLearning also equips employees to be more effective in the workplace and helps to prepare them for new roles and career development. Not only does this contribute to a sense of worth and value but, in turn, to positive feelings towards their employer. It’s also worth remembering that well-trained employees will be more confident in their work and more likely to stay in their current employment.


Benefits to the employer

These really go hand-in-hand with those to the employee, however, eLearning also enables you to meet the learning needs of your employees in a cost-effective way. This provides a better, more capable, workforce with greater scope for internal development and progression, as well as less need for risky outside hires. This online solution doesn’t just reduce the cost to deliver learning but ensures that staff are aware of key legal requirements so that you have a more compliant and lower risk school or trust. Plus, it creates a more motivated workforce, meaning that you will keep your staff happier and for longer.


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